Protected: The Invisible Walls

For the last 11 years, Debo has been raising her daughter single-handedly. Her husband abandoned her soon after her delivery, and married another woman. Now 32, she has learnt to survive on her own, selling pani puri from a small shop. Regisha is only 13 years old,...

Family’s Business

Half a decade ago, 19-year-old Mr. Sarpudi Bag, left Bihar with his young wife and newborn son to seek his fortunes in Kathmandu. He set up a small electrical repair shop in a narrow street, and worked hard to raise his family. At the age of 67, Mr. Sarpudi is now a...

Not So Different

Christians make up just 1.8% of the Nepalese population. Before I met Rupesh Pariyar, I imagined that his life as a Christian would be difficult. After all, Nepal is predominantly Hindu and being Christian is to choose a different path. Being with Rupesh for a week...

Being Sherpa

In Nepal, Sherpa refers to an ethnic group that calls the mountains their home. Physically able to survive the perils of high altitude, Sherpas have been called upon by climbers from all over the world to help them scale the mecca of peaks – the Chomolungma, or better...

Water Hunters

Nepal is the world’s second richest country in the world for water resources. But water is a scarce resource in its capital, Kathmandu. Even its ancient free-flowing stone taps have dried up. As the capital’s population swells, its people look deeper to find the...

Boy Wonder

In Tibetan Buddhism, it is believed that holy men are reincarnated many times throughout history, to guide humankind towards salvation. The 9th reincarnated Kyabgon Jedrungpa was enthroned in Kathmandu on 3 November 2015. He is regarded as a great Buddhist master, and...

Raising Nikita

Nischal and Nirmala suffer from dwarfism, but it does not stop them from working hard to provide for their only daughter, Nikita.

In His Shoes

Krishna makes shoes out of a small factory in Kathmandu. After the earthquake, his shoemaking skills are the only means for rebuilding his destroyed home.

The Long Road Home

The last time Kalsang saw his father, he was a six-year-old boy fleeing Tibet. After 30 years living as an exile, Kalsang continues to yearn to reunite with his father in Tibet.

The Tea Boy

Nischal sells tea every day at Pashupati temple. He hopes his father will take him away from this life of daily drudgery.

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