Pricing & Costs

Course Fees: US$1,500

Course fees include tuition, course materials and a small allowance for your Buddies. It also helps to fund the places for 2 Nepalese sponsored participants. Fees exclude the following: flights, accommodation, meals and drinks, and land transport. The estimated costs of travel are covered in more detail below to help you plan for the budget of your trip.

Masterclass 2017

2 - 9 December APPLY NOW

Booking Your Accommodation

To book your accommodation, please contact owner Mr Renish Maharjan (lalitheritagehome[at] of Lalit Heritage Home. This refurbished traditional Newari homestead will function as the masterclass headquarters, so it is highly recommended that every participant resides here.

A preferential KIO rate of US$30-40 has been pre-arranged, so it is essential that when making your booking to mention “KIO Masterclass 2017” to secure this rate. You can also arrange for complimentary airport pick-up with the hosts at the time of booking.

Flying to Kathmandu

Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, is connected internationally via major airlines such as Singapore Airlines (SilkAir), Malaysia Airlines, Thai Airways, Emirates, Qatar Airways, Jet Airways, and Air China. Book early using websites such as Skyscanner and Expedia to help get the best prices.

Eating & Drinking

Food is available almost anywhere in Kathmandu. You can expect to pay about $3-5 at a local restaurant or $8-15 at a tourist restaurant. Although we have given allowances for Buddies, it is a good idea from time to time to treat your Buddy to a meal. All in you can definitely get by easily within a budget of $20-40 a day. We strongly advise drinking bottled water at all times, and one-litre bottles cost around $0.30 each.

Getting Around

You can get around the city easily by foot, bicycle, motorbike or taxi. Expect to pay around $3-$10 for every cab ride. Alternatively, many of our Buddies ride motorbikes, and it is common for participants to pillion behind them to get around Kathmandu. It is a nice gesture to offer to pay for fuel, which costs US$1-$1.20/ litre. We strongly advise that you wear a face-mask whenever you go, since fumes and dust can be a major irritant no matter what transport mode you choose.

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Kathmandu Inside Out (KIO™) is about a vision and a desire to tell visual stories using the power of photography. Those of you who are inquisitive about the world, interested in human stories and are prepared to delve into your own imaginations, embrace your craft and expand your photographic storytelling, will do well on this course. The immersive 8-day journey will help you hone your senses and expand your photographic ability, whatever your skill level.