KIO 25 NOV – 3 DEC 2016

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About KIO

Once a year, a group of like-minded people from all over the world gather in Kathmandu to tell real stories with photography.

This is the philosophy behind Kathmandu INSIDE:OUT (fondly known as “KIO™”) – a photography masterclass like no other.


As a masterclass participant, you will invest a full week into crafting your own unique story – conceiving, shooting, editing, and learning how to overcome problems photographing in a foreign country.

Jamie Chan

KIO 2012 Participant / See her story

Working with a local professional photojournalist was just one of the highlights. It was much easier to gain access to places i wouldn’t have otherwise been able to have achieve on my own.

Tony Leach

KIO 2012 Participant / See his story

High!! It was a brilliant experience. And I have not even mentioned Edwin, Suraj “the sisters”, Jennifer, Martin and Jamie. What a super group with whom to share a really informative and enjoyable week.

Martin Parry

KIO 2012 Participant / See his story

I felt really pleased to have been provided with an opportunity to focus on returning to and improving my still photography skills.

Jennifer Berry

KIO 2012 Participant / See her story

Exhilarating learning experience in a beautiful country where visual storytelling opportunities are boundless. Every day you are driven to do your best. Everyone works really hard and the KIO team are such fun to be with . There are lots of laughs and serious work to keep you busy from morning till night.

Anupama Dhamala

KIO 2012 (Reaching Out) Participant / See her story

I experienced people's lives unfolding before me, which made me understand that there are many ways to shoot and tell the stories of the people.

Kriti Hada

KIO 2012 (Reaching Out) Participant / See her story

KIO was an amazing journey! I had little knowledge of visual story telling but KIO really broadened my knowledge. I am so grateful to all my mentors and all the other participants for being so supportive.

Yelissa Joshi

KIO 2012 (Reaching Out) Participant / See her story

KIO was an awesome experience and especially to see the finished results of your own work! From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank the Kio team for including me in this master-class. KIO rocks!

Shukla Acharya

KIO 2012 (Reaching Out) Participant / See her story

As a visual story teller I got to experience people's lives. It made me so happy to learn so much!

Ronald Low

KIO 2013 Participant / See his story

Duration and execution of programme is good. Accommodation venue was adequate. Should inform participants of estimated expenses eg. taxi trips, meals at hotel etc (please excuse this comment if it was done so in the pre-departure info sheet)

Sharmila Sapkota

KIO 2012 (Reaching Out) Participant / See her story

I gained so much knowledge and I learnt more in 5 days at KIO than I did on a 1 year photography course. Story telling takes over your whole being! I want to keep learning and hope that one day I will be able to make visual story telling my career!

Pushpa Adhikari

KIO 2012 (Reaching Out) Participant / See her story

I was not very confident to approach and photograph people before KIO. Participating in this master class gave me so much confidence to approach my subjects to help me create my story and now my story has been published in our national newspaper 'Republica'!

Sheila Tham

KIO 2013 Participant / See her story

Thanks Edwin for making my pictures come to life. Your constant encouragement was motivating during the review sessions. Coming into this class! I had very low expectation of myself in photography. After this experience, I have greater appreciation for visual storytelling. Also big thanks to the rest of the team and buddies. Everyone was most helpful.

Vikas Nepal

KIO 2013 (Reaching Out) Participant / See his story

This short period of my life has set a different perspective in sensing and feeling each and every moment that passes by me now. I am glad and grateful to the management team of KIO. Specially to those who believed in me and gave me the opportunity to be a part of such great event. I would like to see KIO growing for decades and centuries in the future days.