Kathmandu Inside Out

Photography Masterclass

Discover the art of visual story telling.

Pack your bags and head to Kathmandu where stories live in every ancient crevice.  Feed your mind with new ideas.  Learn how to approach and understand the power of narrative with your photography.  Develop your artistic vision and personal voice through our unique, storytelling process and return home, batteries charged, visual brain alert and camera at the ready for your next adventure.

2018 dates to be announced soon

“He has a great eye and he’s obviously adventurous and looking outside of Singapore.  

If you’re going to be a successful photographer, you have to be International”.

Ian Berry Magnum Photographer on Edwin Koo

You could not be in better hands.  Edwin Koo and his team will teach and guide you at every step of the way on this exciting journey of visual storytelling, opening doors to the hidden stories of Kathmandu and those that live inside of you.  

Master Essential Skills to Create Meaningful Bodies of Work

KIO is open to anyone with a burning passion for photography, those of you who are inquisitive about the world and those who are not afraid to push their own boundaries.  What is most important is that you come with an open mind, the desire to improve at your craft and fine tune your ideas into compelling photo-stories. 

Moving On from Single Photos to Powerful Stories 

Using our tried and tested approach to documentary photography you will elevate your craft to another level.  Not only will you capture more compelling photographs, you will also learn how to edit them into stories that are meaningful and which can have the power to effect change and make a difference.

Get Ready for Your Photographic Journey

With more than two decades of storytelling experience behind the team, we will ensure that you are ideally prepared to get the most from your photographic journey in exciting and enchanting Nepal.  

Every participant will be partnered with their own KIO Buddy, they will be your guide, your assistant and fixer who will be there to support and help you every step of the way.

Join us at Kathmandu Inside Out 2018.

2018 dates to be announced soon

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Kathmandu Inside Out (KIO™) is about a vision and a desire to tell real stories using the power of photography.  Those of you who are inquisitive about the world, interested in human stories and are prepared to delve into your own imaginations, embrace your craft and expand your photographic storytelling, will do well on this course.  This immersive 8-day journey will help you hone your senses and expand your photographic ability, whatever your skill level.