KIO 2014 Glimpses

Water Hunters

Nepal is the world’s second richest country in the world for water resources. But water is a scarce resource in its capital, Kathmandu. Even its ancient free-flowing stone taps have dried up.

Being Sherpa

In Nepal, Sherpa refers to an ethnic group that calls the mountains their home. Physically able to survive the perils of high altitude, Sherpas have been called upon by climbers from all over the world to help them scale the mecca of peaks – the Chomolungma, or better known as Mount Everest.

Janak and I

“We are all fireflies, we each have a light inside us – but sometimes we need help to find it again.” When adults are imprisoned in Nepal and they have children with no one to take care of them, the children live with their parents in prison.

The Others

In 2007 the Nepal Supreme Court approved a Third Gender Citizenship, the “Others”. Despite being recognised by the law of the country, they are marginalised and face intense discrimination. Many of them experience grave difficulties in finding jobs and integrating into society.

The World Beneath My Feet

Utsav Khadgi lost both hands in an electrical accident when he was five. Although he is unable to write or eat like other people, he uses his feet to fulfill all his daily tasks.